February 15, 2014

England: Post Galore

Some of the most amazing postcards you will ever see can be viewed here.

This first one is from the Postal Museum in London.  I am so disappointed with myself, this postcard, as you can see from the cancellation image below, is from 1981.  I get it in the mail and within minutes I accidentally damaged it with a reckless piece of tape. :'(  Now every time I look at this postcard, the scar on the right side of the picture is all I see.  Rubbish.....

This is a PHQ featuring on of the 12 new stamps featuring children's shows characters.  This, of course, is Postman Pat.  Love!  Check out the matching stamp below. :)

These next two cards are part of a series, also from 1981, featuring various postboxes.  I want them!  I want them ALLLLLLLL! :D

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