September 12, 2012

The Netherlands

Thank you, Christel! So sweet!

Meet Up Postcard from Apeldoorn!

Thanks, Moniek!

September 10, 2012

Touchnotes from the Netherlands

Touchnotes from lovely Wilma....

.......and a great one from Annemieke, too.


A Touchnote from a Russian Postcrosser

USA: KS, NH and FL

Touchnotes are sent from five different countries, one of which is the United States, so even though this was sent to me by a Ukrainian Postcrosser, it doesn't have any real postage and it shows and American mailbox.

This one was actually sent to me from England but shows a mall in Kansas.

A yummy Touchnote sundae from Dulcey!!

Touchnotes from my lovely friend, Kay! :)  The food looks yummy and the shirts are colorful!

September 9, 2012

The Netherlands

Very Dutch images. :)


From Christel and Claudia - I have the best friends!


Flea markets, calming postcards and Pink Floyd, what's not to love?  Thank you so much, Genek!!!!

USA: Oklahoma and Florida

From my bestfriend. :)

From a good friend of mine who was visiting the US from Finland. :)

September 8, 2012



I love Christmas postcards. :)


A new country for my collection, very exciting!!

September 7, 2012

USA: Washington DC and Virginia

Panoramic postcard showing dresses of the First Ladies, Part 2
Smithsonian Museum of American History
Washington DC

Chincoteague Island, Virginia


Postcards from Heather :)

A Touchnote from Heather, showing her husband and ........a rock

Germany: Large Postcards

September 6, 2012