July 29, 2012

USA: San Francisco, California Lenticulars

Alcatraz Island
View 1

Alcatraz Island
View 2

San Francisco Cable Cars
(the lines on this one are vertical instead of horizontal
and made it near impossible to photograph)

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset
View 1

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise
View 2

USA: North Carolina Lenticular Postcards

Airborne and Special Operations Museum
View 1

View 2

North Carolina Museum of Science
Wooly Mammoth View 1

Wooly Mammoth
View 2

USA: Mount Vernon, Virginia

George Washington's Mount Vernon
in Lenticular Postcards

The Evolution of the Mansion
View 1

View 2

George Washington's DC
(partially - hard to photograph)
View 1

GW's Mount Vernon
View 2

USA: Washington DC Lenticular Postcards

Our Solar System from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

From the National Gallery of Art
Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

The Temple at Carnac
View 1

View 2

July 28, 2012

USA: Foil Postcards

National Harbor, Maryland

Vietnam Memorial, Washington DC

Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

July 14, 2012

Germany: Vintage Christmas Postcards

These came to me already loved (used) but I love Christmas and postcards, so I am happy to have them!! :)

Germany - lots and lots

This update is dedicated to Claudia, too bad for her, the postcards that I had ready to post were all from Germany. :P

shows the United States, but was sent from Germany