November 19, 2014


I really like this postcard.  There's just something about it.


November 17, 2014


Thanks so much for thinking of me while you were traveling Anne.  I lOVE this postcard. :D

November 16, 2014


England, Northern Ireland, and Wales

These amazing postal history related postcards are from Eileen, of course, who else sends such fantastic postcards to me?!  Ok, lots of people spoil me, but she is one of the best!
Thank you!


This postcard is from the London Meet Up back in May, thank you Constanze and everyone who signed!!!

USA: Florida and Georgia

Zina, thank you for all of the wonderful postcards and kind messages you have sent to me! <3


USA: Montana and Pennsylvania

This is from my friend, Brandy, I owe her a LONG letter as well.
Thank you for the postcard!

These two postcards are from Susan, thank you for the Valentine's Day and Birthday wishes! :)
(this shows how far behind I am on uploading my latest postcards)


This is from my friend, Sara, in France, I owe her a VERY long letter. :)

USA: Virginia

Laura sent both of these postcards to me and they are simply amazing, love them both, thanks for thinking about me! :)

USA: Illinois, Nevada and Washington

Everyone of these postcards are from Violet!!  Thank you ever so much.  I love them.

I want this mailbox and I want it now!


Love, love this postcard, thank you Simone!

Genek, you send me the most wonderful postcards, thank you. <3

Antje, this postcard is amazing, thank you so much. :)
Love the color!