August 23, 2013

The Netherlands

Thanks so much Christel, I know this painting, very cute. :)


Well that seems about right.

This postcard was sent with a really cool Aston Martin stamp.


I love this postcard, but why does my scanner have to be so rotten??  Tired of lines! :(

Trinidad and Tobago

The Bahama Breeze looks nice, but I am not sure about that Crocodile.

Czech Republic

Have I received this postcard before...??  Or was it just a similar one...don't know.

August 22, 2013


Somebody wants to go to the beach!
Not me!  The person who wrote this card. :)


Beautiful sky. 

Australia - Maxi Cards

I love, love, love this set of stamps and now I have the maxi cards, waahooo!!! :D

Correction:  Second cutest face ever
(I know a puppy who would be upset if I felt otherwise)


August 11, 2013


My, oh my, another new country, this time I have received a postcard, complete with corresponding postage, from the Republic of Congo! :)

Finland Meet Up

From the Helsinki Postcrossing Meet Up

Thank you so much gforp and everyone else who signed. :)

Love this stamp and cancellation!

Look at all of those signatures AND the Moomin priority sticker! <3

New Zealand

August 7, 2013


Yippee, I received all four lighthouse maxi cards in the series! :)

USA: New Hampshire

Mmmmmmmmmmm......cinnamon rolls......




I really like this postcard, it shows a wedding party, or so I'm told.


This postcard shows Macau which is more than technically part of China, but it was sent from Taiwan, so I'm calling it China?? I don't know.

First time I've received a shaped postcard in triplicate.  I shall not complain, it's a mailbox shaped postcard! :)


Wilma saw this cheese postcard and thought of me, now that's a true friend. ;)

Thanks Christel, I hope you enjoyed your "holiday." :)

August 5, 2013


Eeeeek! A Liechtenstein Europa 2013 Maximum Card!!!  It doesn't get much better than this.

Thanks so much, Zasa!  

PS This was posted on 1 August?  That was quick!

PPS I lied, it does get better.  I just realized when trying to "tag" this blog post that this is my first ever postcard received from Liechtenstein.  Zasa for the win!


Claudia, where do you come up with these cards??  Well, the first one I know the very precise answer, but the others...... ;)

August 2, 2013


And I'm back again, one more time, with another new country for my collection, this my friends is a postcard from Gabon!  Aren't I lucky?  I know the friendliest people. :)


Thank you so much, Wilma, he is so cute!!


No, you don't need to adjust your glasses, you aren't seeing double - well, kind of, I received this postcard twice in one month.  Only this one is special-est as it was sent to me by traveling Constanze!!

And what's more, she sent it with Ukraine's Europa (eeeeeeek!) and a special cancellation!  What more could I ask for?