February 19, 2014

February 18, 2014

Trinidad and Tobago

A lake you can walk across?  I don't know about that.....

February 17, 2014


Another beautiful mailbox for my collection.  This one was sent from Luxembourg but the picture was taken in the south of France.


Some beautiful Russian snow.


Yummy looking food!!

February 16, 2014


That phone booth looks more like a small office on a street corner that has lots of windows.  Huge!

Woohoo, I finally received a postcard with one of the Finish Postcrossing stamps. :D :D

USA: FL and VA

Rosie the Riveter sent to me all of the way from Florida!

Some A-mazing (Asian?) mailboxes to me from Virginia! :)

February 15, 2014

St Kitts and Nevis

A new country and a new map postcard!! :)




This postcard came with an envelope packed full of Dutch Guilder stamps.  :)
Thanks so much Moniek!

I feel like I should know which play this is....ergh

Thanks so much, Astrid!

A Miffy postcard with a matching Miffy stamp!  Excellent! :)

Thanks, Wilma!



I want some winter punch.

Soooo cute.  For those of you who follow my other blog, yes, I have a tin similar to the one seen here.  It's not exactly the same, maybe I'll post a picture of it soon.

This is not a postcard, but I received it via postcrossing.  It is a nice picture though.

Maps, maps, maps :)  Just when I think I have tons, I receive three new ones.  Wonderful.


Another nice Christmas themed postcard.

This postcard was sent from Finland but it has more than a little to do with France, so that is how I will categorize it.


Very cute year of the horse postcard.

Love, love, love these postcards. :D

England: Post Galore

Some of the most amazing postcards you will ever see can be viewed here.

This first one is from the Postal Museum in London.  I am so disappointed with myself, this postcard, as you can see from the cancellation image below, is from 1981.  I get it in the mail and within minutes I accidentally damaged it with a reckless piece of tape. :'(  Now every time I look at this postcard, the scar on the right side of the picture is all I see.  Rubbish.....

This is a PHQ featuring on of the 12 new stamps featuring children's shows characters.  This, of course, is Postman Pat.  Love!  Check out the matching stamp below. :)

These next two cards are part of a series, also from 1981, featuring various postboxes.  I want them!  I want them ALLLLLLLL! :D